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A Later Rower

            the Vedder Canal, Fraser River Valley, long after
            (for the Duke of Edinburgh, who rowed there, Empire Games, '54)

Silked corn
cock pheasant
lone fisherman, midday canal-moon crescent
shadowed black-walnut orchard
crab-apple bough
humming power-line, silver geometrics, towers
far side shadowed Guernsey calf and cow
sunlight-clothed ghosts, sunken terrace stair
gleaming bleachers, low dyke, bramble
wild white yarrow, the young Elizabeth
in lavender

all our evenings, all our mornings
little Pumptown and Barrowtown--in ribbons
fanfares floating, whistles and horns
summer light, fall suspended
none by the wayside, none drowning
nothing fallen among thorns

© Larry Nightingale




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