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Three Dreams

Assurances of immortality: seduced.

Dream: walking the ditch clear of the Mennonite church,
Where: Yarrow — east along Central Road beyond Harms' farm,
Veiled: darkly — Vedder Mountain behind our house, barn, and orchard,
Calypso: knowledge concealed, or Mother talking here,
Destination: home, not here, perhaps Vancouver,
Conveyance: a bus, a friend with a car, or a train,
Apocalypse: knowledge revealed, alcohol or drug induced, perhaps scientific,
Cherish: traditions, upright conduct, parents, spirituality, and church,
Believe: constrained in faith, yoked in brotherhood, and repressed,
Verboten: playing pool, smoking, drinking, dancing.

And then we were dancing
In the wild meadow by the shady orchard grove
With golden transparent and red delicious apples,
Sweet Royal Ann and dark Bing cherries plucked,
Juicy Bartlett pears, yellow plums, and Italian prunes.
Through the harvested garden among the corn stalks,
Skirting the rusty strawberry patch, between the long raspberry rows,
Towards the meadow bench, moss moist with dew,
We were dancing lightly, Inge and I:
Illicit teenage desire loosening our limbs.

And then we were fishing,
Waxing our fly lines,
Casting long looping tied flies
Upstream towards the river's far bank
Overhung with cottonwoods, quivering poplars, and pussy willows.
Casting long rolling waxed fly lines
Into the dancing riffles upstream,
Tied flies floating carelessly through languid pools, under broken logs,
We were fishing lightly, Chris and I:
Enticing irresistibly lithesome rainbow trout.

Intimations of immortality: seduced.

© Elmer Wiens




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