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A Scrappy Guy

The steelhead, famous for his scrappy way
If taken on a fly — a temptation to fight,
Pulls on the line in his tail-dancing flight,
All surge and fury his death to delay
With adrenalin rush for making me start;
Had fled to the sea five winters ago,
Sucked plankton off icebergs just to survive
And gorging on anchovies managed to thrive;
Skirting incognito round Tierra del Fuego,
Navigating the oceans like Rene Descartes;
Now on my line just to give me a thrill,
Survivor of the fittest, looking for roe
Too tough with sea-lice to just milt a doe;
And him will I land and close for the kill.

Podcast: A Scrappy Guy

© Elmer Wiens

Adapted from:
Bradley, George. "A Scrap of Sky." New Yorker. 19 Mar. 2001: 146.




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