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School Garden

The flowers there in your school garden
are nice next to ours.   Mom says our garden
is small because it's just the two of us.
Dad died in Paraguay.   We had a garden
there too, but it was very hot and dry.   Mom
said the man yesterday was the school garden
inspector.   Did you get your ten cents back?
When I am older, I'll have a school garden too.
My mom is sad, like your mom.
Where Is your Dad?   Are you going to pick
those cherries for your mom to can?
If you give me some cherries, I'll give
them to my mom.   They will rot hanging
there on the tree.   Can I have a radish to eat
right now?   Your corn is taller than ours.
I can smell your tomatoes from here.
Does your mom go to work, like my mom?
I liked the horse that ploughed your garden.
Why do you call me Gretel?   Don't you
know my name?   Are you picking raspberries
today?   Where is your sister?   Why don't you
pull the weeds in your mom's garden?   Always,
always you work on yours.   We don't have a car.
Why don't you have a car?   Is your dad ever
coming home again?   I was adopted.   Should I
say something in Spanish?   Can I pick some of your
flowers?   They look so beautiful.   Is my skin too dark?
Thank you for the radishes.

© Elmer Wiens




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