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He       in church again
she       with him too
not believe you perish
believe interpretations prophecies
falsely you perish

They leave the pew       turn
look back       the exits
parishioners push
ascending the aisles
ending at the exits
spawning salmon gill to gill
body rubbing writhing body
ascending the rapids
three open fish ladders
ending at the falls'
wall of water

Nonbelievers must leave
no one really believes
not knowing what to believe
nonbelief       truth
belief       false

Nonbelief is belief

The left right exits
fish ladders blocked
bigger stronger determined
bodies push to the top
middle aisle       fish ladder
at the wall       the falls

The children       back
at the front of the church
believe       don't believe
believers       nonbelievers
truth       false
false       truth

The minister       choir
at the wall       the falls

Scream—there are no exits

© Elmer Wiens




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