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Ode To My Compass

In dreams she
murmurs reproaching
my neglect
recalling our
odd passions

Grasp the handle
spread my legs
see me twerk
twirl circles
bisect lines
hypothesize parallels

Grasp my nub
insert your pencil
I’ll grasp it firmly
with my adjustable nut
erect your perpendicular

Free me from my
dark container
my metal coffin

We’ll do such things

Smoke the Ring Nebula
of Lyra the Lyre
measure the dream
parsecs to the
Andromeda Galaxy
ride the Horse-head
of Orion

I am so bored
with this dry ruler
mute half-moon
obsessed protractor
working the angles
stale triangle
doing it right
angled in 3-4-5 time.
I’ll forget the disgusting
things you made me do
the year of your puberty
sailors Masons geometers
astronomers navigators
draftsmen engineers
show more restraint
than you masturbator

I am hard
as a woman’s clitoris
watching her willing
teenage lover retrieve
his tossed underwear

My legs are steel shapely
my hips boyishly slim

Let me out of this coffin
If I break out
I’ll pummel you with
my high-heeled spikes

Were you surprised
at my impudent butt

I scoff at the
spear sword
I scorn the hammer
shovel wrench
I disdain all
kitchen drawer cutlery

I am lethal

The weapons I design
smash civilizations
slaughter people animals

New weapons will
annihilate humanity
like the asteroids
the dinosaurs

I am not obsolete
Let me gratify
your macho
zero-sum war
gamer fantasies

Let me out
or I’ll kill you
cut off your
penis cook it
feed it the chickens

Sorry I forget
you are no more
the sky-gazer
ring masturbator
virtual cowboy
X-box player
Brazilian diva lover

Let me out
see the light

I’ve no hands
arms breasts
upper body

Let me come out
be your wife

I am immortal

I anguish for you
love you as
Pablo Neruda
loves his cat

Let me come out

We’ll do it differently this time

© Elmer Wiens




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