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Kerrisdale Evening, May 15, 2023

Venus and Mars are setting
        consorting with the Gemini Twins
        chased from the night sky
        by the Lion and Cub.

The cool westerly evening breeze
        from the Salish Sea
        lightly brushes my skin.
        and rustles the flowers
        of the patio’s dogwood trees.

Shrouded by the leafage of chestnut trees
        some pedestrians amble or stride
        home along the shaded avenue.

A couple hand-in-hand murmur as they walk.

Passenger planes lights blinking
        preceded by their jet engines’ rumble
        descend from the coast mountains
        before whining on to the Gulf Islands
        to sweep back to Vancouver’s airport.

It has been very hot these last few days.

I am standing on my
        second floor balcony
        surveying my domain
        cooling my thoughts
        before I go to bed.

© Elmer Wiens




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