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Homer's Ios

If I was Homer and Yarrow Ios, and the maid Nausícaa wily Odysseus joined,
returning to Ithaca in a black Phaeácian ship, across the Aegean wine-dark sea,
ushered by brothers and comrades-in-arms, bearing Zeus's gifts, currency and gold.

If Telémachus shielded Penelope's honour from Argive suitors reaping Zeus's recompense:
Troy besieged and sacred Helen set free from ravaging Paris's abduction and depredations.

If taken to Olympus, Helen gave birth to Zeus's immortal son.
If also, Telémachus had a sister, brothers, and friends.

If mortal Telémachus's various wives gave him daughters and sons.

If faithful Penelope, weary and old withstanding suitors bold, remarried.
If Odysseus, lost, dead or best forgotten, returned home with Nausícaa and brothers.

If yes, Gertrude and Sappho's dynamics were right. "It is what you love" that moves the need and
passion that moves.

If unaware, Telémachus didn't know what to believe.
If hell was still Hades, and Olympus heaven.

If actually, this was Ios, and I was Homer, swimming the Aegean wine-dark Roman Sea.

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