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Church Secretary

TV, movies, gambling and alcohol,
the distractions of our time, encroach
on our Yarrow paradise. Last year
our church lost fifty members. Switching
to English services upset older, traditional
brothers and sisters. Transfers are up
to churches like Arnold and Clearbrook
and to the Alliance Church down Central
Road, as are excommunications.

We purge to be the salt of the earth,
without spot or wrinkle.

Some brethren yearning
for the beginning of new
golden Mennonite era hint
the Gemeinde needs a new leader.

A time that Virgil and Isaiah anticipated.

Cattle will not fear bears.
Chickens will lie down with foxes.
Pigs will be safe from thieves.
Real estate speculators will not cheat widows.
Gangs of boys on bicycles will not pilfer
grape arbours and watermelon patches.
Young men in hot cars will not hound
young female raspberry pickers walking
along Central to Funk's for the day's groceries.

Have courage in adversity.

Respectfully submitted,
The Church Secretary, 1960.

© Elmer Wiens




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